What is in your ejuice?

What is in your vape juice?

What is in your ejuice?

Are you trying out vaping for the first time? Are you curious to know what your vape juice contains? Through this article, we’ll provide you with an insight on vape juice so that you can smoke your favorite flavors without any worry! Vape juice, also known as ejuice or e-liquid can be purchased from any vaping supplies store. Vape juice is liquid containing nicotine that is used to produce vapor through electronic cigarettes. Users of e-cigs also known as vapers, inhale the vapor by switching on the e-cig and heating the vape juice. This in turn offers an almost real-like smoking experience that is safer than traditional smoking.

Vape juices have some core juices that are present in majority of the vape juices available. These are nicotine, the actual flavor, vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG.) VG and the PG are two types of carriers that help produce the vapor and offer a consistent flow of flavor. The propylene glycol provides a harder throat hit, the sensation felt at the back of the throat when a user smokes. The PG produces the vapor. The vegetable glycol or glycerin is a thick vegetable oil based liquid that provides the sweet taste. These carriers are used in all e-cigs and are non-toxic making them perfectly safe for consumption. When the e-cig is turned on, the carrier liquid starts to vaporize giving the user an enjoyable smoking or vaping session.

The best vape juice can be purchased containing varying nicotine concentrations. The level of nicotine present inside the vape juice is usually printed on the packaging. The intensity of the throat hit will be determined by the nicotine strength. Higher concentration of nicotine will contribute to an intense vaping experience. You can also purchase 0% nicotine vape juices that have absolutely no nicotine at all.

6-8 mg/ml nicotine concentration: It is the lightest nicotine level and great for those looking to try vaping for the first time.

12 mg/ml nicotine concentration: This concentration level is for those who enjoy the presence of nicotine but are not heavy smokers.

14-18mg/ml nicotine concentration: This range of nicotine is perfect for those who are switching from smoking to vaping. It has just the right amount of nicotine.

24mg/ml nicotine concentration: Containing a rather high level of nicotine, former chain smokers will love these vape juices.

Experiment with different flavors so that you can have an enjoyable vaping experience. Whether you love chocolate, strawberry, apple or banana or maybe you fancy something a little more exciting like popcorn, cotton candy or peanut better, there will always be a flavour that you will love. Some vape shops will also give you the option to create your own vape juice by mixing two different flavors. When ordering your vaping supplies, always keep a lookout for a mark of quality. The best vape juice like that of Kanger e-liquid can easily be purchased online. Having been manufactured in the USA gives added confidence that you’re investing in the best vape juices in the market.

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