Five interesting facts about E-juice

5 vaping facts

Five interesting facts about E-juice

Vaping has come a long way. It has had a huge impact on people both young and old. The large number of people who have joined the vaping community in recent times is a testament to its growing popularity. According to latest research, more than six million vapers are actually high school and middle school kids.
What makes vaping all the more appealing is that it can be done indoors and E-liquids contain fewer harmful chemicals than those found in actual cigarettes.
The following are a few interesting facts about vaping.

E-Cigarettes date back to the 1960’s
Herbert A Gilbert was the first person to get credit for the production of an e-cigarette like device. Though he was successful in getting his product patented, it simply never materialized. It failed to go commercial and it was not until 2003 when the first successful electronic cigarette was created in Beijing, China. Hon Lik created the device after the demise of his father due to lung cancer.
These electronic cigarettes made their way towards Europe in 2006 and since then there has been no looking back. Vaping devices are now much more advanced and have been tweaked to provide users with an ultimate personal experience.

Vaping is a budget friendly option
Though it may sound too good to be true but Vaping is actually less costly when compared to regular cigarettes. Research has proved that a chain smoker is expected to spend anywhere from $1000 and above per year on cigarettes, while Vaping amounts to $600. Plus vaping does provide good value for money. Most E-cigarettes contain a refill which can be used time and again. The same can’t be said for regular cigarettes.

E-Liquids Contain less quantity of Nicotine
Whatever may be said about the ingredients present in E-juices, it’s a known fact that the amount of nicotine present in an E-liquid can be altered according to the vaper’s personal taste. For someone who is looking to quit smoking, the nicotine strength can be reduced slowly to almost trace or none.

E-Cigarettes are now Regulated
There has been a great deal of hue and cry regarding the non-regulation of E-juices. However all that is now put to rest ever since the regulation of E-cigarettes since 2016. This would help make vaping a safer option. Manufacturers would know that they can be held accountable for any harmful products present in E-juices, not that they actually contain anything injurious.

There is no shroud of mystery surrounding the Ingredients in an E-juice
It’s a known fact that E-juices are made up of five major ingredients. These include propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, food grade flavors, nicotine and distilled water. All these ingredients are safe to use and are often found in our food as well. The nicotine strength can be altered accordingly and those who are simply looking for a pleasant throat hit do well with 6 grams or less of nicotine as well.

Vaping is fun, pure and simple. It’s a great way to spend some quality time catching up with friends or laze around alone with your vaping gear!

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