Your Complete Guide to Vaping

Your Complete Guide to Vaping



Kicking off a smoking habit is not easy. It requires a great deal of commitment on your part. However, there are certain tools and devices which can help you get rid of cigarettes.

Vaping, although a healthier alternative, has acquired quite a bad name for itself. Most of the time people ask the following questions

  • Does vaping contain harmful chemicals?
  • Do E-juices release carcinogens?
  • Is it actually healthier than smoking?

We will aim to answer each of these questions one by one.

The Ingredients in Vape juice

Any E-juice you buy would contain all of the following ingredients

  • Propylene glycol
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Water
  • Food flavoring
  • Nicotine
  • Any additional products to enhance the flavor of the E-liquid like menthol or cinnamon

Most of these ingredients are used in food based products as well and are approved by the FDA. However research is underway regarding the use of these products in vapor based products.

Do E-juices contain carcinogens?

There has been some research regarding the presence of carcinogens in E-liquids. The findings prove that the amount of carcinogens found in E-juice is very few and even if they are found in certain brands they are present in trace amounts only.

According to Dr Joel Nitzkin, Chairman of Tobacco Control Task Force for the American Association of Public Health Safety, the risk in E-cigarettes is less than 1% when compared to the immense amount of risk associated with regular cigarettes.

Is vaping a healthier alternative to smoking?

Statistics prove that each year six million people die as result of diseases associated with smoking. Since tobacco is the number one cause of untimely deaths, most people have realized that they should stop smoking as soon as possible.

Despite the bad press which seems to follow vaping there are quite a few researches and professionals who support vaping.

According to Marcus Munafo, Professor of Psychology at the University of Bristol:  When the human heart cells response to both tobacco and E-cigarettes was studied it was found that

  • The cells showed a great deal of stress as a response to tobacco but none towards the vapor from E-cigarettes.
  • It was therefore inferred that people who quit smoking only to take up vaping could drastically reduce any tobacco related harm.
  • Though nicotine has its own set of drawbacks but the amounts found in E-cigarettes are pretty low. Eventually people move from a very low to trace or zero dose of nicotine in their E-juices.

Vaping basics

If you are a vaping novice you must have noticed that an E-cigarettes and a vaping device is nothing close to a regular cigarette. Even those models which are made to resemble cigarettes albeit feel quite different. Instead of being intimidated by your first vaping experience, simply keep the following checklist in mind.

  • Learn to operate your E-cigarette. Whether you are using a model which works on batteries or on electricity, you have to actually get hands on knowledge regarding how it would work.
  • Make sure you adjust the device at the lowest wattage. Starting lower is the rule of the thumb, as soon as you get the hang of it you can increase the wattage but in keeping with the safety rules.
  • Avoid the dry hit. That can only be done once you are assured that there’s enough vape juice in your E-cigarette or tank. Many novice vapers have suffered from it and it’s nothing pleasant.
  • Learn to time your vaping breaks. With a cigarette it is easier to know when you are done. With vaping most people are confused. Therefore it is best to time your vaping interval. As you learn to vape the nicotine rush that you feel would also help you know when you are done.

Vaping can be a great first experience if you keep all the above mentioned things in mind. Also the fact that it’s a healthier alternative is motivation enough to stop smoking immediately.

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